You are currently viewing Day 23 – Halv dag (Half day)

Day 23 – Halv dag (Half day)

Sto opp tidlig, spiste pannekaker og tokk en full kroppsvask. Utrolig deilig.

Kort og lett etappe fra Hovatn til Vassdalstøern.

Fremme ved Vassdalstøern hadde vi mye tid til overs. Vi spilte litt spill og hadde en rolig kveld.

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FYI: English translation of Benjamin’s text: Got up early, ate pancakes and did a full body wash. Incredibly delicious.
Short and easy leg from Hovatn to Vassdalstøern.
Arriving at Vassdalstøern we had a lot of time to spare. We played some games and had a quiet evening.

Stephen Dutton

You are posting some great photos. I am enjoying following you.


Both of you are looking great and little tried too 😀