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Day 5

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Janne Jensen Svanberg

Så arti å se en sånn gammel bensinstasjon. Lufta er kald hær i Oslo 11 grader på natta har vi hatt. Håper dere klarer å holder varmen.

Benjamin Svanberg

Hehe ja, morsomt 😄 her har det vært -4 kuldegrader og 20m/s, men i dag hadde vi endelig litt sol og fikk skikkelig varmen så det var godt 😊 gleder oss til å få fått I de varme klærne som er bestilt til neste post kontor 😊

Tom Koski

Benjamin, Liz, just thinking “worrying” about heaters in tents. Are you aware of the dangers of carbon monoxide? Do you have a detector? They make them that hang on a coat zipper. You probably know this but I needed to voice my concerns. Take care, be safe! I’m impressed with the endeavor!!!

Benjamin Svanberg

Yeah heat in tents could be dangerous and we need to be very careful.

I understand that more people than you worries about this so I will try to respond good 😊

-we got a high modern winter tent with good ventilation (high so we safely could use the stove)
-we have doors open for extra good ventilation during fire, it has 3kw of heat so it’s getting quiet warm anyway
-one of us always have one job and one job only to watch the heater when it’s going, to secure clean burning and no sudden clothing ending up on the fire
-we only fire for a little bit of time while awake when arriving on cold days and in the mornings. So we are not burning in the night and both of us are awake so no chances of dozing of 😊

Benjamin Svanberg

But we are just happy that you share your concerns, will always look into what people come up with, and also to respond that we have looked into it. I have not seen those detectors you have on your jacket before, would be nice to see if you would mind to share a link? Didn’t find anything like that when googleing at least. 🤔 We are using it so little, more for small heat up runs, so I’m not worried for this trip but it’s good to know what exist out there 😊


Beautiful sights. Cold camping has its challenges. Burr. Love the updates and pictures.

Benjamin Svanberg

Yeah ❄️ sure do, happy we are starting to figure out stuff a little bit more now 😊