You are currently viewing Day 104 – Grussti (Gravelroad)

Day 104 – Grussti (Gravelroad)

Ikke så mye å si i dag. Gikk langs grussti. Mye regn. Gikk veldig langt i dag. Avsluttet dagen med å finne en del vill jordbær i grøfta, samt at vi kom tilbake på asfaltvei nå. Så fra i morgen blir det asfalt hele dagen.

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Hi Liz and Benjamin, you two amaze me! 🤗


English translation: Not much to say today. Walked along the gravel path. Much rain. Walked very far today. Ended the day by finding some wild strawberries in the ditch, and that we were now back on the asphalt road. So from tomorrow it will be asphalt all day.

Aunt Pauline

I love the 16 packets of cocoa report on your recent rest day! I could almost decide to do long-distance hiking with that much cocoa on the menu.